Join our new HUB!

Hello good people,

We invite you to a new iteration of our SWANA Ancestral HUB on Patreon! We will be offering more consistent posts every New and Full Moon, and a lot of different voices and new types of sharing such as podcasts and lots more. It is an online magazine of sorts where members of our Plantcestral re-Memberance for SWANA Healing circles are joining forces to share and facilitate an expansion of our work and resources. Check it out to learn more there.

Also, we have an Instagram page just for the HUB now! Follow us @swana.ancestral! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 11.14.27 AM

Our hope is that this new platform will encourage deeper engagement on all fronts, and allow us to engage in a reciprocity with you that can:

  • create a scholarship fund for our SWANA Plantcestral re-Memberance circles
  • fund co-creative residencies to further deepen, express, and honor the wisdoms coming out of our circles via annual in-person retreats
  •  fund the creation of the re-collection HUB of our dreams! our very own interactive online platform + phone app to re-collect, archive, share, and uplift SWANA ancestral and ethnobotanical (aka plantcestral) knowledge

This page will stay up as an archive and continued resource for all this HUB has carried thus far. We invite you continue to enjoy it while joining our new space for more! Grow with us.



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