Astghik and Vardavar, the Festival of Roses

I am so excited to share the work of Anahit of Erebuni and suggest you all take a look at her blog to see more of her work. I have just invited her to start sharing some of her own lovely artwork on our Hayastan | Armenia column too! Stay tuned…

Anahit of Erebuni

Have you guys ever had the opportunity to be in Armenia during the Vardavar festival? I had the chance to be there this summer and attend it for the first time, and even though my family had told me about it, I would have never imagined how huge of an event it is in Yerevan! Vardavar is a one-day festival that takes place 98 days after Easter every July in Armenia, and people celebrate it by literally drenching each other with buckets of water. Whether you want to participate or explicitly refuse to, it doesn’t matter, as soon as you take a step outdoors during this day, you will end up soaking wet! Family, friends or even strangers will throw water at you, and the only way to remain dry is to either cancel all your plans during that day, or take a day trip somewhere calmer. In Yerevan’s center…

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