armenian wedding tradition: the “ghnah”


I know we aren’t the only ones who do this! Dipping the pinky fingers of unmarried guests in ghnah (henna) at a party that is also known as the ghnah — on the night before my cousin’s wedding. The women (elders) prepared and carried this beautiful plate (with red candles and a red apple — of which there are many interpretations) and danced with it in the middle of the crowd.

Kamee was born to an Armenian family by way of the SWANA region. They arrive in the world today as a queer mother and an interdisciplinary creative, producer, and facilitator. Their work is primarily collaborative, spiralling in-to and out-of fragmented time/place/being through ancestral reclamation, diasporic futurism, and radical imaginaries. Check out their personal work at; their production work at; and their collaborative work at

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