Embodied Research Trip through the SWANA Region: Spring-Fall 2016

Hello everyone,

Homeward Healing/ Love is in the Homeland is a research trip I am making through the SWANA region to deepen and further develop in my own call to #plantcestral and #ancestral healing work of my ancestral lineage. I have been posting about it often on my FB page, and on my website. Here is all the info about my trip and how you can support this work/be a part of it:

Below, you will find details about 3 DONATION BASED ONLINE OFFERINGS this Spring to support my Embodied Research trip to the SWANA* (aka. Middle East & N. Africa) region to invest in #plantcestral and #ancestral re-membrance work which I have been cultivating for the past decade and sharing with you all through River Rose and the نجمع جذورنا -reGather our Ancestors project this past couple of years.

Support me to fulfill my role and commitment to my communities in a time where restorative and healing practice is so greatly needed! This work reconnects us to the resilient, life-affirming wisdom and ancestral practices which have the power to restore, protect, and maintain the integrity of life and an order of justice in our region. The SWANA lands are increasingly under attack and our ancient traditions, sacred sites, and our indigenous ethnic communities are being especially targeted right now and need urgent attention. Please help me do my humble yet significant part in recovering, preserving, and uplifting these important cultural legacies of wisdom, especially in light of this critical time.

Through my research will be engaging and re-membering knowledge on SWANA:

1) Ethnobotany (the traditional knowledge and customs of a people concerning plants and their medical, sacred, folkloric, and other uses)
2) Cultural Preservation(including ecological and plant conservation, as well as historical sites)
3) Traditional Healing Practices
4) Indigenous History, Cosmologies, and Traditions

I need to raise $9,999 in the next 4 months to make this possible. So far, I have raised about $3,000 thanks to your generosity, and I have just matched it with another $2,500 of my own personal earnings dedicated to this trip so we are about about $5,500 right now! Still about half way to go…

*SWANA means South West Asia and North Africa, a less colonial way to refer to the region usually called the Middle East and North Africa.


1) AVAILABLE NOW! * “Love is in the Homeland: SWANA Plantcestors for Healing and Re-Membrance”, a 20 page digital book featuring medicinal profiles, remedies, and recipes of 5 accessible and powerful SWANA plantcestors, as well as tips and reflections on how to do ancestral re-claimation and re-membrance work. It is full of photos and practical and spiritual info for supporting our health of body and soul in an every day way, all compiled and written by me and with a special SWANA flavor.

TO ORDER THIS BOOK: Send your donation to www.cash.me/$RiverRose (International participants who do not have Paypal can pay here instead) and then email river.rose.layla@gmail.com with the following information:
1) Your name
2) Specify if you would like an online or printed copy
3) Your address (if you want a printed copy)

$33-$333, online version
$55-$555, printed version

* Love is in the Homeland: SWANA traditions of Coffee Cup Divination.  In this 1.5 hour online class, my Egyptian sister, Emanne Desouky and my Turkish sister, Emel Orhun join me to teach about the lovely plantcestor, coffee, share the ritual of preparation that our own families and traditions use, and then do a mini reading together where we teach some of the primary symbols and meanings in the cups per the tradition of our own family’s and knowledge from the region, and offer tips and wisdom about how to read the cups and honor what it is telling you. It is a fun and informative class that will empower you to start preparing and interpreting the wisdom and symbols in your own coffee cup and path in general. There is also a recording of a q&a session that was live by me and Emel, and a comment/question board that is open to all registered participants for engagement and reflections indefinitely!

~ This class is open to ALL people, regardless of ancestry and location. ~

TO ENROLL: Send an email to river.rose.layla@gmail.com & send payment to  www.cash.me/$RiverRose . (International participants who do not have Paypal can pay here instead.)

3) AVAILABLE AS OF 4/5/16!
* Love is in the Homeland: Food is Medicine: Traditional Lebanese Recipes with common Medicinal “Weeds”
This 1 hr 20 minute long class features more SWANA medicine, including a special culinary practice with my very own family! It starts with a walk through my Maternal Teta’s (grandmother’s) garden to learn about her medicinal herbs, including many that commonly grow in North America and the SWANA region alike, and then a step-by-step recipe preparation with my grandma herself using very medicinal extremely common medicinal herbs that you can use for nutritious simple meal for your own family at home! Some other traditional Lebanese recipes with these common “weeds” and others will also be stated throughout the class teachings, as well as a comment/q&a board that is available for discussion for all registered participants indefinitely! One thing I LOVE about this class is that it offers ideas about how to work with common “invasive weeds” that we pull from our gardens all the time in a way that honors their medicine, blesses our tummies, and does the service of removing them so that more space can be claimed by our native plants that are so important to our local ecologies and ecosystems! It also offers the insight into a very uncommon extremely traditional recipe made by my grandma in her Southern Lebanese village throughout her childhood.

~ This class is open to ALL people, regardless of ancestry and location. ~

TO ENROLL: Send an email to river.rose.layla@gmail.com & send payment to  www.cash.me/$RiverRose . (International participants who do not have Paypal can pay here instead.)

SOME OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT me in fulfilling my call to my ancestral lands this Spring…
* Participate in the special offerings I am making this season (listed above) or simply donate to my funds at  www.cash.me/$RiverRose .
* Participate in my Spring classes.
* Purchase medicine from me this Spring. All my medicines are listed here (www.riverroseapothecary.com/medicinalproducts) and you can email me at river.rose.layla@gmail.com to make specific orders and arrange payment. Final orders will be accepted anytime before April 7th.
* SHARE MY OFFERINGS & NEWS THIS SPRING! This would be a GREAT help to get the word out about my upcoming project and my fundraiser and to acquire more support and connect to more of my kin in this world. I would love for as many people as possible to attend my online offerings and experience my “Love is in the Homeland” book this season!
* Send me any info regarding grants, scholarships, private sponsors, or other funding sources that you think would align with my work. Some areas might be cultural preservation, traditional arts, traditional healing, or something else. Or private sponsors you know perhaps who are invested or interested in this topic. SHARE this work with any of these sources please, or people who you think are invested in this work and have funds to allocate towards it!
* Put me in touch with any ally you know in the SWANA region who you think may be able to host me or help me find a place to stay, help me navigate my trip in their country, take me on a visit somewhere special, has interest in herbs, sacred sites or traditional culture, knows their village or land really well, is an elder who practices their traditional culture or knows a lot about it, historians, mystics, fortune tellers, midwives, traditional healers, traditional dancers or musicians, dreamers, elders, plant lovers, kind people, or anyone you know in the SWANA region who you think would be interested in my project or might be a good friend or ally to me along the way, or wants to adopt me as a grandkid :). Especially if you know folks in: Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Armenia, Palestine, or Lebanon. THANK YOU!
* Transfer any abundance of frequent flier miles to me.
* Follow and share my work often while I am away and as I share my offerings and work on raising funds this season! Staying tuned while I’m away is going to be so important for me especially as I am sure I will have things to share with you all from my journey, and also will continue needing your support to fulfill it.

*SWANA means South West Asia and North Africa, a less colonial way to refer to the region usually called the Middle East and North Africa.

ALSO, **please SHARE this work if it moves you**. Tell us in your sharing post: why is the work of ancestral reclamation or plantcestral medicine important to you? Why invest in #intergenerationalhealing and #traditionalwisdoms of our earth-based ancestors? How has this work touched or inspired you? Or any other personal testimonials you may have to offer.

Written by:
Layla Kristy Feghali,
MSW, creator of River Rose Apothecary, the نجمع جذورنا – reGather our Ancestors Program and the SWANA Ancestral Medicine HUB. She is a plantcestral educator/herbalist dedicated to the reclamation, healing, and re-membrance of the original teachings and medicine of our indigenous ancestors with a particular focus on the SWANA region.

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