Thank you for joining this hub, (which is the Arabic word for “love”), dedicated to archiving knowledge collected about the physical and sacred/energetic uses of plants, animal, and minerals/gemstones and other medicinal and traditional practices ancestral to South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) region.  

Feel welcome to add any insight you have gathered through your own experiences relating to plants, traditions, stories, medicinal ways, myths, proverbs, and folk wisdoms, traditional songs, original languages, oral histories, and other traditional wisdoms from our region.  Family histories, personal experience,  as well as relevant research you’ve come across are all welcome for sharing. This space acts as a platform for our collective wisdom to be brought to collaborative consciousness and feed each other’s memories, knowledge, and wisdom out of hibernation and into the community for greater usage and a more self-sustained ability to facilitate our inside-out healing, in a way that is relevant and resonant with our lands, cultures, and deepest most essential sense of holistic wellbeing.

“Guest” posts are welcome and encouraged (until a more directly interactive platform is established for our exchange). Please email river.rose.layla@gmail.com with your proposed posting. I am looking forward to your sharing.

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